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You can volunteer in libraries as part of your Duke of Edinburgh award, for your school work experience programme (certain City of York schools only please contact the library for more details), or just off your own bat. Come and help us with general library activities like shelving, help at children’s clubs, or support our reading challenges.


See the young adult events listings in the Explore at Home: Children section.


As you’d expect, we’ve got a lot of books.  Why not head over to our catalogue to browse the young adult books, or have a look at our ebook collection and download straight to your device.

Our Shelf Help book collection offers information and advice on topics like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bullying and exam pressure. The books are free to borrow from our libraries.

Websites we pay for so you don’t have to

Some of the most useful websites are behind a paywall, but they’re free with a library card. Through our online resources page you can get free access to Ancestry, encyclopaedias and more.

Stay Safe

We know it’s boring, but don’t forget that not everyone on the internet is nice. Find out more about looking after yourself online.