You need two things to log in to our services: your Library Card Number and your PIN.

Your library card number is written next to the barcode on your library card. It starts Y000000. It always starts with a capital Y and has no spaces.

Your PIN is a four digit number which is used like a password. The Explore staff should have written this number down for you when you joined the library.  You can change your PIN at any time by visiting your account online. If you’ve misplaced your PIN or never had one, there is a ‘forgot my PIN’ link on the login screen, and the system will send you an email to reset your PIN (but please be aware that this will only work if we have your email address).

You use your Library Card Number and PIN together to reserve or renew books on our catalogue; to borrow e-books or e-audiobooks; to log onto the PCs in libraries; or to use online resources such as dictionaries or genealogy sites.

Your library card number changes whenever you get a new card.  If you find this inconvenient, then you can ask staff to set you up an alternative ID which will stay the same regardless of how often you change your card.  Alternative IDs can be names or words, so are often easier to remember.  Alternative IDs can be used instead of your Library Card number when logging into the website for renewals and reservations, however, they can’t be used for any other purposes like ebooks.