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You can now access 7000 digital newspapers and magazines through PressReader.

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How to use press reader

  1. Download the PressReader app from your app store, or just visit the PressReader website in your internet browser (tip: we strongly recommend the app for the touchscreen experience)
  2. Click “Sign in”
  3. Click “Libraries and Groups”
  4. Select “Explore York Libraries and Archives…” from the list by searching for “Explore” or “York”
  5. Enter your library card number from the back of your card and click sign in (note: this is your card number starting with a Y, not any kind of alternative ID you may have set up).  If you’re not already a member see how to join
  6. It’ll ask for your email address, a password and your name to set up an account. Remember the password because you’ll need this again in 30 days.  Also on this screen you can browse the terms and privacy policy.  Then tap sign in at the bottom.
  7. That’s it, you’re signed in.  Click “select publication” to start browsing.

Your log on will count down for 30 days, and after 30 days you’ll need to log in again.  The message which appears may refer to a chargeable subscription, but don’t let that put you off – logging back in as a library customer is free.

PressReader system requirements: Android 5.0 and up, Apple iOS 10 and up.


Here are some special features to look out for as you use PressReader:

  • Automatic translation into other languages
  • Audio narration
  • Download articles for offline reading via the app
  • Back issues.  The publications usually have a few back issues listed beneath the current edition, but please note this is a service for current news so the back issues do not stretch back for years (tip: for researching historical news sources see the British Newspaper Archive on our online reference sites)

More digital

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