We have five thousand e-books on our Overdrive website which disappear after their loan period so you can’t get fines!  See below for e-book information, or see our other webpages about e-audiobooks or e-magazines & newspapers.

Yorkshire Vet Ebook
Lee Child Killing Floor Ebook
Ducks Newburyport Ebook
Dragon in the Library Ebook

How do I borrow the E-books?

On a tablet or mobile

With an Apple, Android or Windows phone or tablet, you can download the books straight to your device by installing the free ‘Libby’ app from your app store.  When you use the app for the first time it’ll take you through a process to pick York Libraries from an international list.  Then you’ll be ready to start downloading books to read in the app. You’ll need your ordinary library card number and PIN.

Alternatively you could use the ‘Overdrive’ app from your app store.  The ‘Overdrive’ app and the ‘Libby’ app both do the same job and have all the same books, it’s just personal preference which one you prefer to use.  Libby is more modern, but customers who’ve been using the e-library for a long time may prefer to stick to ‘Overdrive’ which has been around for longer.

On your PC or laptop

Go to the Overdrive website and log in with your ordinary library card number and PIN.

The simplest e-books to use are the ‘Overdrive Read’ format which appear in your internet browser without any software downloads required.  Unlike other formats, these books can be used on the public PCs in our libraries, as well as at home.

For the EPUB format books, you’ll need to download some free software, Adobe Digital Editions, before you start downloading.  This software is available in the ‘help’ section of the Overdrive website.

On E-Readers

It depends on the type of e-reader:

Kindle e-readers – Amazon use their own format for e-books, so their e-readers are not compatible with libraries such as ours.

Kindle Fire tablets – use the Overdrive app from the app store

Kobo – on modern Kobo e-readers you can borrow our e-books directly on your device. Follow Overdrive’s instructions here.

Older Kobos and other E-Readers – Follow the instructions for PCs above, then transfer the books onto your device by dragging & dropping from Adobe Digital Editions.

Who can borrow?

Any York Libraries member. Please use your ordinary library card number and PIN (there is no need to join the library again specifically for e-books).  If you are not yet a member see how to join.

Most of the e-books are borrowed by one person at a time, but if you want to borrow a book at the same time as your friends the “reading together” collection is for you – this lists some books which can be borrowed by unlimited people at one time, so great for reading groups.

Do get in touch if you have any problems.  Also see the Overdrive help website, which has lots of helpful tips.  If you get stuck you can contact any library for help.