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Complaints Procedure

Every year, over a million people use Explore services.  Our aim is for every experience to be an excellent one, but we recognise that sometimes things will go wrong.  When that happens, we want to put them right swiftly and learn from our mistake to improve things for next time. So, if something goes wrong please let us know.

Fees and Charges – Libraries

Books, audiobooks and language courses – adults and children

  • Loan period: 3 weeks
  • Hire charge: free
  • Daily charge for overdue items: None
  • Reservation charge: None
  • There are replacement item costs for lost or damaged books charged at the actual book cover price.

Toy Library

  • Loan period: 3 weeks
  • Reservation charge: Free
  • Hire charge: Free
  • Charge for overdue items: none if the toy is borrowed using a child’s library ticket.

Computer use

  • Library members: First two hours free. Additional sessions charged at non-member rate
  • Non-members: £1 per session, which is up to an hour


Payment can be may with card or coin, but you must have exact change only.

From public access computers, app and e-mail

We have a special offer on homework printing and printing from In both cases the first ten pages are free.

  • A4 mono (black and white): 20 pence
  • A3 mono (black and white): 60 pence
  • A4 colour: 70 pence
  • A3 colour: £1.40

From Microfilm/Microfiche

This is only available in York Explore from dedicated machines.

  • A4 mono (black and white): 20 pence
  • A3 mono (black and white): 60 pence


Payment can be may with card or coin, but you must have exact change only.

Photocopying both A4 and A3 is now available at all of our Explore locations (York, Acomb, Clifton and Tang Hall).

  • A4 mono (black and white): 20 pence
  • A3 mono (black and white): 60 pence
  • A4 colour: 70 pence
  • A3 colour: £1.40
  • For delicate Archival material, York Explore staff will produce photocopies for you.  The charges for this service are listed on their visiting us (The Archives) page.

Planning Maps

Adding an extension or transforming the loft?  Tang Hall, Acomb and York Library can provide location plans in line with the requirements of the planning department. See the maps and planning page for prices.


Self-service scanning is available without charge at Acomb, Clifton, Tang Hall and York Explore for both A3 and A4.


If you want to borrow an item which is on loan to someone else you can request to be put on a waiting list, and we will let you know when it is available. This service is free.  You can collect the item at any library.

If you want to request something which is not owned by Explore we can get it from another library service. The charge for this is £12 per item.

Room Hire

See the room hire page for a description of our meeting rooms with prices.

Fees and Charges – Archives and Local History

On-site charges

There is no charge to consult our Archive and Local History collections. If you would like to take copies of our documents during your visit you will need to complete a self-service photography form, which will be available from a member of staff. Charges will apply at the following rates:

  • £1 per image for digital images taken using the book scanners, a digital camera, or using a USB from the microfilm readers.


  • You can purchase a permit for taking an unlimited number of images using the book scanners, a digital camera, or using a USB from the microfilm readers. These are valid for a specific time period, and are available at the following rates: £10 per day, £25 per week, or £50 per year.

Organisations conducting research, such as local history groups, can also apply for an institutional photography permit at £100 per year, giving them two annual passes which are transferable between group members.

Any images obtained using our self-service photography form can only be used for private use or personal study. If you wish to reproduce or publish these images in any way, you must seek permission from Explore York, and additional charges may apply. Please see information about permission to reproduce or publish images of documents and photographs in our collection below.

  • Printing from PCs or microfilm readers: A4: 10p each

If you can’t visit in person

If you can’t visit the Archive and Local History service in person, our staff can support you in a number of different ways:

Staffed copying service

Images taken using book scanners, cameras, or microfilm readers: £7 per image plus £5 handling fee per order.

Please note these images are supplied for private use or personal study only. If you wish to reproduce or publish these images in any way you must seek permission from Explore York, and additional charges may apply. Please see information about permission to reproduce or publish images of documents and photographs in our collection below.

Paid Research Service

We offer a free ‘look-up’ service to confirm details in our records, where we are provided with detailed information. Otherwise, our Paid Research Service can help you locate the details you require, and is available using the following charges::

  • Up to 30 minutes research by staff (max. 30 minutes): £15

Explore York Images

Our online images site, Explore York Images, includes thousands of images from our collections which can be can be purchased online, and re-used. Images can be downloaded directly to your PC or tablet. Before downloading images from this site, you will need to select your intended use of the image, and charges will be calculated accordingly.

Other services we offer

Archive workshops, tours, and talks

Occasionally we are able to offer archive training workshops, tours, and talks for groups and individuals, depending on the availability of our archivists. If this is of interest, please get in touch with our archive team with details of your request. Charges will apply, and current costs will be made available on request.

Certified copies of documents (e.g. vehicle registration enquiries)

£12 per certified copy, 2nd class UK delivery dispatched within 5 days of enquiry

£15 for delivery outside of the UK

Permission to reproduce or publish images of documents and photographs in our collections

If you would like to reproduce or publish a copy of a document which you obtained using self-service photography on-site or which you have purchased from us using our remote copying service, you must request permission from our archive team. Please contact them at and include details of your request.

We will charge a reproduction fee for the publishing of images of items in our collections, and these charges will vary depending on whether you wish to use the images commercially or non-commercially. The following list of prices are quoted per image and include VAT where applicable.

Some charges have a limited duration and are subject to renewal – please contact us for more information.

Explore York Libraries and Archives is happy to grant permission for reproductions of documents in its care but this permission does not override the rights of copyright owners.

Non-commercial use (where no charge will be made to access, view or receive the publication)
Private study and research or electronic presentation (including images for PhD theses and other coursework, or community group presentations)Free
Self-print or printed artwork £7
Television / Broadcast / Film£13
Books (any placement, and either educational or self-published)£13
Local Press, electronic newsletter, email or eBook£13
Social media platforms£1
Non-Commercial Charges
Commercial: (where a charge is made to access, view or receive the publication, even if this charge does not cover the cost of production)
Book (electronic or printed)
Cover or Interiorarea of pagecost
Front or back coverUp to ½ area£50
Front or back cover Up to ¼ area£35
Front or back cover Up to full page£75
InteriorDouble page spread£65
InteriorUp to ½ area£35
InteriorUp to ¼ area£25
InteriorUp to full page£45
Commercial Charges for Books
Magazine (printed or electronic)
Cover or Interiorarea of pagecost
Front or back coverUp to ½ area£45
Front or back cover Up to ¼ area£35
Front or back cover Up to full page£65
InteriorDouble page spread£50
InteriorUp to ½ area£25
InteriorUp to ¼ area£15
InteriorUp to full page£35
Commercial Charges for Magazines
TV Broadcast
Editorial or commercial flashAny duration£35
PromotionalAny duration£50
Advert / streamingAny duration£75
Commercial Charges for TV Broadcasts
Advertising and Marketing
Roller bannerUp to full area£150
Roller bannerUp to ½ area£125
Roller bannerUp to ¼ area£100
Roller bannerUp to 1/8 area£75
PosterUp to full area£100
PosterUp to ½ area£75
PosterUp to ¼ area£60
PosterUp to 1/8 area£45
Press release(electronic or printed)£35
Commercial Charges for Ads and Marketing
Printed leaflet
Side of leafletAreaCost
Side of leafletUp to full page£35
Side of leafletUp to ½ page£25
Side of leafletUp to ¼ page£15
Side of leafletUp to 1/8 page£10
Commercial Charges for Printed Leaflets
Printed booklet
Front or back coverUp to full page£50
Front or back coverUp to ½ page£40
Front or back coverUp to ¼ page£30
Front or back coverUp to 1/8 page£20
Interior pageDouble page spread£45
Interior pageUp to full area£35
Interior pageUp to ½ area£25
Interior pageUp to ¼ area£15
Interior pageUp to 1/8 area£10
PDFDouble page spread£45
PDFUp to full area£35
PDFUp to ½ area£25
PDFUp to ¼ area£15
PDFUp to 1/8 area£10
Headed paper (printed)Any£35
Email campaignAny£35
Electronic presentationAny£20
Commercial Charges for Printed Booklets
Web Communications
Social media platformsAny£20
Website Home PageUp to full area£60
Website Home PageUp to ½ area£45
Website Home PageUp to ¼ area£35
Website Home PageUp to 1/8 area£25
Website secondary pageUp to full area£45
Website secondary pageUp to ½ area£30
Website secondary pageUp to ¼ area£20
Website secondary pageUp to 1/8 area£10
Blog postUp to full area£50
Blog postUp to ½ area£35
Blog postUp to ¼ area£25
Blog postUp to 1/8 area£15
Electronic applicationAny£35
Commercial Charges for Web Communications

Archives and Local History Access Policy

Our Archives and Local History Access Policy PDF (518kb) outlines the ways in which we provide access to our archive collections and local history materials.

Archives and Local History Collections Management Policy

Our Archives and Local History Collections Management Policy PDF (759kb) determines the types of materials we will accept for our archives and local history collections.

Security of the self-service printing solution

When I print a document from my own device by emailing it to the printer, where does my print job go and how secure is it?

Your print job goes to the “PrinterOn Cloud” data centre in Canada for processing.  Print jobs are encrypted, and can only be decrypted for printing by the Print Delivery Station which corresponds to the specific one in the email address you used (e.g. they cannot be exported or duplicated for printing or viewing elsewhere.  Print jobs are automatically deleted one hour after printing, or after three days if they are not printed.  To collect printing, you need the random six digit Privacy Release Code, which has only been given to you and is not accessible by library or IT staff.  Please note that whilst we have taken care to buy an appropriately secure print system, Explore libraries cannot be responsible for the security of whichever email system you use to send your print job and receive your unique code.

More specifically, the encryption part of the process works as follows.  A unique 128-bit AES encryption key is generated for every printed job processed. The PrinterOn cloud server releases the job to the printer using SSL, and every PrinterOn print server (‘Print Delivery Station’) generates a unique RSA 2048-bit public and private key pair. The print data AES key is encrypted using the RSA key-pair and is delivered alongside the print data to the print server in the library. This scheme effectively creates two levels of encryption for every print job.

The system is operated by Ormonde Technologies Ltd. It only collects personal data for the delivery of printing and copying services. User Data is not retained or shared for any other purpose.  The supplier’s full data protection statement is available on their website.

When I print something from the library computers, where does my print job go & how secure is it?

Print jobs sent from the library computers do not leave our own trusted public network, but otherwise are encrypted and decrypted using the same method as that specified above. The Privacy Release Code required to collect each print job is generated in the PrinterOn cloud, then delivered to the user’s computer screen and to the print server over SSL connections.

Customer Charter

Explore is dedicated to the provision of a high level of service for all customers. This charter outlines our service commitment to you and how you can help us to provide you with a quality service.

 You can expect:

  • Prompt, courteous service
  • Helpful well-trained staff who will treat you with respect, confidentiality and in a culturally appropriate manner
  • Fair and equitable access to our collections, services and programmes
  • Collections which aim to meet your needs and are well-maintained and accessible
  • An information service which is responsive to your needs and provides access to resources beyond the library’s walls
  • Convenient hours of opening
  • prompt responses to your enquiries, comments or complaints

Help us to help you by:

  • treating other people in the library with respect and courtesy, whether they be customers or members of the Explore team
  • treating library facilities, equipment, collections and property with due care
  • assisting staff in understanding your needs clearly
  • providing us with feedback on how we may improve our services, or how we can help to resolve a specific problem. You can do this by either speaking to a member of staff or on-line using our “contact us” form.
  • participating in the activities and services offered by the library in a spirit of good humour and co-operation
  • ensuring that children in your care are properly supervised while in the library and that children under 8 should be accompanied by a parent or carer at all times
  • complying with any directions or instructions given by staff