Sounds like a plan

Whether you’re adding an extension or transforming the loft, you’re probably going to need planning permission. To give you a head start, we can provide location plans 1:1250 and site plans 1:500 in line with the requirements of the planning department.

Location plans

We can supply you with an accurate location plan with the site boundaries edged in bold (scale 1:1250 or 1:2500).

You can buy location plans at Tang Hall, Acomb and York libraries, and they usually cost £25 but this depends on your requirements. For details, email

Site plans

In a similar way, we can also supply three copies of the required site plan to scale 1:200 or 1:500 and showing the direction of north, the proposed development in relation to site boundaries and other existing buildings on the site.

They also include written dimensions including those to the boundaries, all the buildings, roads and footpaths on adjoining land, and all Public Rights of Way crossing or adjoining the site.

Site plans can be bought from Tang Hall, Acomb and York libraries, and usually cost £9 or £15 depending on your requirements. For details, email

How long does it take?

Maps take approximately 15 minutes to locate and produce. To ensure we can facilitate your requests please contact your preferred Explore Library beforehand to make an appointment with a member of staff.

We can normally print the plans while you wait. You will receive six copies.

Please note that these plans will only show the existing property. You will need you to add the proposed development in a different colour on the same plan.