We are unable to run our computer sessions during the national lockdown. Please visit Explore During the Lockdown for more information.

Getting started

We offer free sessions and courses to help you get to grips with computers and the internet.

Whether you’re looking for help with the basics or would like to learn more about email, web searches, social networking or shopping online, there’s a session to suit you.

We also offer free drop-in sessions to introduce you to tablets and e-readers.


We offer free one-to-one sessions on the basic functions of a computer, looking at how to use a keyboard and a mouse as well as features like Microsoft Windows, the desktop and the internet browser.

Booking is essential. Please contact your local library to reserve a place.


For a great introduction to the internet, why not try our free five-week course. You’ll learn about staying safe online, email, web searches, using public services, banking, Facebook and NHS services.

Booking is essential. Please contact your local library to reserve a place. (Note: you need basic keyboard and mouse skills to complete the course).


If you’re thinking of investing in an e-reading device like Kindle, Nook, Kobo and many more, why not test the water with one of our free, basic, introductory sessions.

We’ll show you what an e-reader can do and introduce you to our e-book collection.

Please contact your local library for more information. Booking is not necessary.

Tablets plus

If you already have a tablet and would like further support, these £10 one-to-one sessions are perfect for getting the most out of your device.

Booking is essential. Please call your local library to reserve a place.