Internal Staff Application Form

Vacancies open for applications from internal staff

Application Form for Internal Staff

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  • Personal Details

  • Current role at Explore

  • Employment History

    Please list here any previous employment which you feel is relevant to the role you are now applying for. This may be paid or unpaid.
  • Job TitleName of EmployerFromTo 
    Please add as many rows as you need. If not applicable please write n/a
  • Professional

  • Qualification GainedDate of examination/award 
    Please include professional qualifications relevant to the role you are applying for. Please add as many rows as you need.
  • Professional BodyMembership statusRegistration numberRenewal date 
    Please add and professional memberships or registrations relevant to the role you are applying for. Please add as many rows as you need
  • Supporting Information

    Please write here additional information in support of your application. You need to read the job description and personal specification carefully, and explain how your skills, knowledge and experience fit you for this post. These may have been gained through paid employment, voluntary/community work, domestic responsibilities, spare time activities and training.
  • Signed Declaration

    I declare that all the information contained in every section of this application is true to the best of my knowledge and does not omit facts that could have a bearing on selection decisions. I understand that any appointment is conditional on this declaration and the above checks. I understand that incorrect, false or misleading information may make this application void.
  • Data Protection

    Information on this form may be held on manual or computer systems. We will observe strict confidentiality and disclosures will only be made for payroll, administration, and statistical purposes.
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    We recommend that you complete this form in one sitting. If you choose to use the 'save and continue' function, your partially completed form will be saved on our web server for you to access for a total of 30 days. You will be given a unique web link to access your partially completed form. You will need to save this link securely and must not share it.