We have four fantastic new facilities across the city that allow you to connect wirelessly from your phone, tablet or home computer to our printers!

All you need to do is email the document you want printing to one of our new click-print-go printers and then come into either Acomb ExploreClifton Explore, Tang Hall Explore or York Explore with your six digit code and pay and collect from the kiosk.

For Acomb email: acombmono@printspots.com (for black and white) or acombcolour@printspots.com (for colour)

For Clifton email: cliftonmono@printspots.com (for black and white) or cliftoncolour@printspots.com (for colour)

For Tang Hall email: tanghallmono@printspots.com (for black and white) or tanghallcolour@printspots.com (for colour)

For York email: yorklibrarymono@printspots.com (for black and white) or yorklibrarycolour@printspots.com (for colour)

Printing costs are 10p for black and white and 50p for colour. The kiosks take notes and coins only.