PolliNation is a community arts installation inspired by microscopic images of pollen and created from over 300 individual hexagons for the Telling the bees project.

Telling the Bees is a 12 month project bringing drama, design storytelling, media arts and the maker movement together to explore playful, immersive ways to understand environmental issues and share future visions about bees and beekeeping.

PolliNation is a partnership project between York Learning, Explore York, University of York and supported by Telling the Bees project partners – Sheffiled University, Lancaster University and Grow Theatre.

The York Learning community arts project PolliNation, is running as part of a wider partnership project entitled “Telling the Bees” with Explore York and the Universities of York, Sheffield and Lancaster. https://tellingthebees.github.io

The exhibition will be constructed the week beginning the Monday 23 October and will be on display from Friday 27 October – Friday 24 November at York Explore Library.