Haxby new mobile

News release

Explore is delighted to be unveiling a new mobile library which will be launched at Oaken Grove Community Centre in Haxby on Saturday 10 June at 10.00am. Everyone is welcome to come along for tea and cake and a look round the new library. Our fantastic new mobile library has our own distinctive Explore branding and will be easily recognised at the village stops. It is well-equipped with self service technology, a wide range of books, including large print and audio and we will be offering regular activities and special events with our partner locations such as craft groups, readers groups, storytimes and digital sessions.

We have been running a temporary library service from Oaken Grove Community Centre since late last summer when we had to vacate our building at short notice. We have been working behind the scenes since then on a medium term solution until we are able to move into our own permanent home in Haxby.

Councillor Nigel Ayre said, “We are thrilled to be supporting the new mobile library service in Haxby. We have been working really hard with Explore over the last few months to find a solution for the service and are very grateful for the wonderful support from our customers and partners in the village.”

Our new mobile library will be open five days a week, in four different locations and each stop will be for a full day and a half day on Saturday. We will stop at the same place on the same day every week so everyone will know when to expect us.

Ethel Ward Playing Field                            Monday               9.30am – 6.30pm

Haxby Memorial Hall                                  Tuesday               9.30am –5.00pm

Wigginton Recreation Hall                         Wednesday        9.30am –5.00pm

Closed                                                       Thursday

Oaken Grove Community Centre               Friday                    9.30am –5.00pm

Oaken Grove Community Centre               Saturday              9.30am – 12.30pm

For more information:

Press contact:            Sarah Garbacz, email: sarah.garbacz@exploreyork.org.uk

Web:                           www.exploreyork.org.uk/haxby-explore

Twitter:                       @HaxbyExplore          Facebook: explorehaxbylibrary