Following the sudden and unexpected closure of Haxby due to structural problems with the building, we are pleased to be able to share the news of a more permanent solution for the next couple of years.

The temporary arrangements we have in place will continue until the end of December. These are:

  • A small selection of both adult and children’s books at Oaken Grove Community Centre
  • Regular mobile library stops at Oaken Grove Community Centre on Saturdays, alternate Mondays and alternate Fridays
  • Increased opening hours at New Earswick library run by staff from Haxby Library

See the Haxby Library page for full details about these alternative services.

In the New Year, we will be introducing a mobile library service in Haxby. We are currently looking at possible locations for full-day stops in Haxby and Wigginton so as many people from across the village as possible can access our fantastic range of services. We know how much-loved our programme of regular activities like storytimes, craft groups and digital sessions are so it’s important to us that we find locations that can help us in running these events.

In the long term we are still considering our options for a new permanent library in Haxby. Haxby is one of York’s well used and much-loved libraries and we want to make sure that we can provide a bigger and better library in the future. We are continuing to hold discussions with the Memorial Hall as a strong contender for hosting the new library. When the new permanent library is open we will keep the new mobile library as a replacement for our existing vehicle.

Please see below for the responses to your frequently asked questions

Why was the mobile the best option?

We looked at a number of options for an alternative temporary service for the next couple of years. Given that we will be investing in a mobile vehicle, it means that once it is not needed to provide a library service to our customers in Haxby, it can then be used to either expand the current mobile service, or replace our existing vehicle.

And will there be a permanent solution in the future, i.e. not a permanent mobile library service?

Yes. We are anticipating that the mobile service will operate for the next couple of years or so. We have been, and will continue to be in discussions with the Memorial Hall about being part of their plans to redevelop the hall. However, this does not mean that we will not consider other options as they arise, if they are more feasible. Haxby is a well-loved, very well-used library so we very definitely need a more permanent solution.

What services will we have on the mobile?

That will depend on the vehicle. Ideally, we would like a mobile that’s large enough to accommodate a couple of PCs, as well as a good selection of books. We will be looking to stop in locations across the village that have access to rooms that we can use to continue the wide range of activities that you have been used to seeing in Haxby library itself – craft groups, readers groups, storytimes etc. You can help us with that if you are aware of any ideal locations that you think would work well for us.

Will the opening hours change and what will happen to staff and volunteers?

Both the opening hours and the staff will remain the same. Our intention is to offer as good a service as we possibly can, with as wide a range of activities that we can, and to do this we will need the number of staff, volunteers and opening hours as we had previously.