We are really excited about the opening of The Centre@Burnholme in the Tang Hall area of York.


It’s really important to us that the building is as good as it possibly can be, a fantastic standard and ready for you all to use. So, to meet these expectations we are, regrettably, postponing the opening day. Instead of Saturday 26 May we will now be opening on Saturday 23 June.


Due to this change, Explore Tang Hall Library Learning Centre will no longer close on Wednesday 9 May. Instead, we’ll close on Wednesday 6 June at 1pm and reopen in The Centre@Burnholme on Saturday 23 June at 9am along with a fantastic Reading Cafe and a wide range of modern community rooms for hire.


When you see this great new building, we know the wait will be worth it!


Join us on our journey and find out more about our great new location, extended opening hours, fantastic Reading Cafe and a peak at a sample mouth watering menu!