ballerina with crutches
Hidden Disability, Lydia Corfield

This vibrant exhibition, part of York’s UN International Day of People with Disabilities programme and currently on show in York Explore’s cafe, has been extended until Thursday 17 January!

The exhibition showcases British and Italian art students’ dynamic responses to the theme of disability and inclusion. All works have been chosen from entrants to the Eleanor Worthington Prize to celebrate the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The Prize has been set up by family and friends in memory of Eleanor Worthington, to raise awareness on the issue of disability.

The works exhibited this year at York Explore were submitted for last year’s prize giving event, and illustrate the theme Communicative Languages through Visual Arts.

2 thoughts on “Communicative Languages through Visual Arts

  1. T think this prize is fantastic and goes along way along the path of inclusion being a bigger part of all of us. I think all efforts made over all the years has been great for those that have disability and friends family and supporters who go through so much effort to make life creative interesting and joyful.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. We really appreciate your thoughts. I will pass on your feedback to the organiser behind the Eleanor Worthington prize. We’re looking forward to hosting our next exhibition in February, Downright Marvellous, celebrating children and young people with Down’s Syndrome. I hope you get the opportunity to see it.

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