No drawing skill necessary but a sense of humour is essential. A game for 2 or 3 people to enjoy together. For the budding artists among you, there’s an opportunity to use these fun drawings as a jump off point for some interesting character development. Included at the end are some ideas for how to grow your daft character into something more substantial and where to go from there. Remember, all the great cartoon and book characters started with one small idea!

Silly Squad- a drawing game for 2-3 people! For this game you will need: A piece of paper each A pen or pencil A sense of humour!
This game is great fun and afterwards we can make our silly drawings into characters in what we call ‘character design’ First, take your piece of paper and draw a head on it. It can be anything that exists which has a face! Alien, human, fish, robot, animal, use your imagination! What you must do though, is leave 2 neck lines like this...
Because now we’re going to fold over our piece of paper! Make sure your neck lines are just peeking out, then pass your drawings to the person on your left. If there’s 3 of you, you should all now have another piece of paper from the one you started with. If there’s 2 of you, just swap.
Next, draw a body. You could keep drawing the body which matches your characters head from your first paper or a different body entirely! Dont peek at the head or you’ll spoil the fun at the end! Leave 2 lines again, these will join the body to the legs
Now fold over your paper again and pass it round again! Then add your legs!
Now for the final reveal! Pass your paper on one more time and you can all open up your silly character to see how bonkers they all are!